Question – What are the lodging accommodations?

Answer – Wi-Ne-Ma is a Christian Camp that has bunkhouse cabins. We typically try to put only 6 – 8 people in each cabin, but most can sleep up to 10. We try to avoid utilizing the top bunks as much as possible.

Question – Do I need to bring bedding?

Answer – This is primarily a youth camp with standard-sized twin beds.  Each bed has a mattress, you are responsible for all bedding. If you would like additional comfort, consider a bed topper.

Question – Is there RV parking?

Answer – We have limited RV parking available, so please request that on your registration. First come, first serve.


Question – Could I request a specific room or roommate(s)?

Answer– Yes, we allow you to request lodging with up to six (6) others when you register online; we will do our best to accommodate either request. 

Companion Pet

Question – May I bring my companion dog/pet?

Answer – We are sorry, the camp rules do not allow animals.


Question – What kind of food can I expect on the menu?

Answer – The meals are pretty generic cafeteria-style; the camp kitchen staff offers limited options.

Question – If I have dietary restrictions, will there be additional options?

Answer –  If you have special dietary needs, please consider bringing your meals and snacks, as options may not be available.


Question – When is Registration typically open?

Answer – Our goal is March 1st

Question – What does the registration cover?

Answer – Registration includes:

  • Lodging/sleeping accommodations
  • Hospitality room, including light snacks
  • Meals
    • Friday dinner
    • Saturday breakfast, light lunch and dinner
    • Sunday breakfast

Raffle & Swag

Question –  Is there swag for sale?

Answer – Yes, we will have an online store on the website until May 1st. The items ordered will be at SIS for pick up. There will be a limited amount of swag for sale at the retreat.

Question –  Do you take credit or debit cards for swag or raffle?

Answer – Yes, we prefer cash (because we pay a fee), but we will be able to use cards.


Question – When I agree to volunteer for 2 hours, what kinds of jobs are they?

Answer – For example, making coffee, helping in the hospitality room, or running errands around camp. We could not run a successful retreat without you!

Common things suggested to bring from previous attendees

Packing List


  • Pillow
  • Mattress cover
  • sheets, blankets, sleeping bag, or anything else to keep you comfortable (It can get chilly at night)


  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Layers
  • Rain jacket
  • Slides (or sandals to slip on) help in the rooms to not get sand everywhere
  • Rain boots
  • Pajamas
  • An extra change of clothes


  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Blow Dryer if you prefer
  • Shampoo, conditioner, hair products.
  • Meds (please bring only what you need for the trip, not all of your pill bottles).


  • Snacks for the evening or, if you have dietary restrictions, snacks for the whole trip
  • Drinks that you would like (energy drinks, juice, water bottles – coffee is provided at the camp, but that is it)
  • The room has no fridge, so pack in a cooler or bring things that do not need to be kept cool.

Here is a link to the website of our retreat location: